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Lessons from Mojo: Trainer Season

Lessons from Mojo:

Wintery conditions can sometimes be a motivation killer for outdoor cycling, therefore making an indoor trainer a crucial piece of equipment for the Pacific Northwest. Trainers are available in many different levels ranging from a basic magnetic resistance all the way up to fluid smart trainers. Today I am sharing the beauty of the Elite Direto smart trainer.

The Elite Direto is a direct mount, which means there is no rear wheel, the bike mounts directly to the trainer itself. The advantages of this are not only a more realistic feel, but also no longer needing to swap out tires (typical roller trainers are tire killers)

The Direto also offers

2.5% accuracy power meter

Simulates up to 14% incline

6 kg flywheel

Sets up to your favorite training app via bluetooth or ant+ ( Zwift, Trainer Road, Etc.)

Works with PC, Mac, Apple, or Android platforms

Made in Italy

My favorite aspect is that it is the most affordable direct drive trainer out there, retail is 899.99

Having put around 400 miles on Zwift already this year, I can tell you the Direto delivers. The power meter is very accurate, the flywheel is one of the smoothest I’ve ridden, and when you hit an incline, the braking system feels like a true hill climb.

Here at Mojo’s we currently have a demo unit, so come on in and give it a try, it will not disappoint!

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