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Mojo First Look: Fat Bikes are Ready to Roll

Winter has come early to the PNW. One of the best ways to enjoy the trails during the winter is a fat bike.

"With aggressive trail geometry and massively wide tires, the Rocky Mountain Blizzard rides like a proper mountain bike in snow, sand, and anything else you can get yourself into. Explore new terrain, venture beyond groomers and snowshoe trails!"

Mojo also will have SE F@R(pronounced fat·ty) fat bikes in the shop. "Using a unique frame and fork allowing 4” tires, it’s time to remove all of the boundary lines. This mid-sized fat bike gives you enough flotation and traction to go conquer sand, snow, and everything previously thought not possible to ride."

This fleet of bikes is available for demo at $50 a day. This fee can be applied towards a purchase of a bike. Swing by the shop or call for additional details. 509-443-4218

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