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Lessons from Mojo: Cool Weather Riding

Well, it's bound to happen, cooler weather riding is here. Riding in cooler weather can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Today, we are quickly highlighting some gear that is a big help in extending your riding season.

Arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers: On cold winter rides arm, leg, and knee warmers are an indispensable item for every cyclist. Most use stretchy micro-fleece fabric or wool that is snug enough to not fall down, yet relaxed enough to not dig into your skin. Warmers easily fit in a pocket or pack if not needed.

Vest: A good vest will provide additional warmth and wind protection to your core. Vests range from light wind resistant to fleece lined and windproof. Most brands make a vest in HiVi for added safety. Much like warmers, vests are small and easily stored in a pocket when not needed.

Toe / shoe covers: Keeping your feet warmer can be a challenge in cool wet weather. The simple shoe or toe cover can give your feet a fighting chance by cutting down the wind and reducing the amount of water soaking through. Most shoe and toe covers still work with clipless pedal systems.

We have a great assortment of winter gear in the shop now from Funkier, Louis Garneau, and coming soon, Dakine!

What is your must have piece of gear for the winter? Comment below.

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