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Lessons From Mojo: Gravel Bikes

Why gravel? If you have read a bike article or stopped by a shop recently, there is a good chance you have heard the term gravel bike thrown around. Here at Mojo, we are huge fans of gravel bikes for a couple of reasons. First is the versatility of gravel bikes. The PNW is a region full of mixed paved and gravel roads. A gravel bike allows comfortable exploration of these roads. Gravel bikes generally roll on wider tires, come disc brake equipped, have more relaxed geometries, and provide wider gearing. The wider tire option brings a new level of control and comfort to bikes. A big trend to watch in 2018 is 650b (27.5) tires equipped bikes. This trend marks the gravel bike departure from traditional thoughts on tire size. The most popular 650b tire is the WTB Horizon 47c and so far our experience with it has been amazing. More to come on this trend.

The most of important reason for our thumbs up is gravel bikes are just plain fun. Sometimes its just nice to ride and not to overthink where. Just ride and choose as you go.

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