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Lessons from Mojo: 4/26

Today’s lesson is a tip for anyone who rides solo and was recently learned by Joshua the hard way. After experiencing series of unfortunate events of multiple flats and not fully prepared for Murphy's Law, Joshua found himself about 25 miles out of town on backcountry roads. That is a long walk and a bit difficult to share exact location. Here is the tip from this sad event, if you have a smartphone and find yourself in need of a rescue, “Share My Location” is an amazing tool! iOS and Android phones have this feature and make quick work of trying to relay directions. Each system works a little different. Take a few moments before your next solo adventure and check out “Share My Location”. There are other devices on the market to help with live location updates for backcountry adventures but the truth is the vast majority of people have smart phones.

The end of the sad tale is that Joshua was rescued by his loving wife...

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