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Lessons from Mojo: 4/19

Lessons from Mojo: Product review of the Catlike Whisper helmet in size small.

First impressions are very good. I was in need of a new road helmet this season and after trying on the Whisper I knew this was the helmet for me. The Whisper is light, well vented and comfortable. Riding with a head warmer in the cooler mornings has not changed the feel of the retention system. This helmet almost disappears while riding and I don’t find myself fiddling with the straps or the retention system. I am looking forward to the warmer summer riding (who isn’t?) this year since the helmet is so well vented. Overall, this is one of the best helmets I ever had a chance to to use riding. Rider: Joshua

Sizes: S 54-56 cm, Med 56-58cm, and Large 58-61cm

Retail: $169.99

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