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Lessons from Mojo: 3/23

Lessons from Mojo:

Today’s topic is all about where the rubber meets the road/ Many of you probably have been riding a trainer through the snowy months and using regular tires, not a trainer tire (topic for later). Now that riding season is in full gear, it is a good idea to do a check over on the tire’s overall health regardless of trainer use or not. Key areas to check are the main riding surface, sidewalls, and the tire’s rubber condition.

Ride surface: The meat of the riding surface should be curved. Take a few moments to look for large nicks and cuts that may allow the tube to poke through.

Sidewall: As with the riding surface, look for nicks and cuts that may lead to blow outs. As a tire ages, sometimes the threads begin to show. This is a good indication to install new tires.

Tire rubber: If the tire is older and has been stored in a hot dry environment, the rubber will start to become brittle. Again, a brittle tire is a good time for a change.

Lessons from Mojo tire special: Continental 4 Season tires regularly $79.99, now $49.99! Sorry, no specials for mountain bike tires currently….

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