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Lessons from Mojo: 3/16

Take a moment and think about what do you take with you each time you go for a ride? The answers will vary, but there is some essential gear for each ride.

  • Helmet: A properly fitted helmets is the cheapest insurance you get. If you ever have concerns on the age, condition, or fit of your helmet, please go to a shop and have it checked out.

  • Hydration: Hot or cold, always bring hydration. Staying hydrated is essential for our body, and you should consume it as needed. It helps to prevent dehydration and exhaustion.

  • Tube/Patch kit: This is the spare tire of the bike, hopefully you will never need it. Not bringing these may result in long walks back to the start. Not as fun as riding….

  • Pump/CO2: These go hand in hand with the spare tube. Need both to get rolling again.

  • Multitool: There are a few things that a multitool must have in order to be functional for cyclists. Allen keys, a chain tool, and tire levers are always useful to have.

  • Snacks: Just about every rider has bonked on a ride before. Bring a bit of easy to eat food will help avoid this dreaded feeling.

  • Locks: If you must leave the bike unattended at any point during the ride, a lock is a must. There are plenty of lightweight locks on the market to help protect your investment.

  • Safety Lights: Stay visible during the day or night. Much like a helmet, lights provide cheap insurance.

What essentials do you bring on each ride?

Please comment below.

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