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Lessons from Mojo 3/9

Lessons from Mojo:

Fenders, an invaluable piece of gear for just about any rider who lives in our region. Wet roads and muddy trails make for messy gear and clothing. One of our favorite solutions to keeping the grime down and staying a little cleaner is the humble fender! Most bicycles have the ability to run fenders, no matter it’s a full suspension mountain bike or a carbon road race bike. There is a great variety in fenders styles to match your needs. If you never had used fenders, we highly recommend considering giving them a try. The next few months are going to be wet and a trusty fender will help make the riding just a bit more comfortable. The Mojo crew’s current favorite is the Origin 8 Ass Saver for road bikes. Tools free install and take seconds to put on the bike. If you have a personal favorite fender system, let us know in the comments below!

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