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Lessons from Mojo

We will start this week’s Lessons from Mojo with a question. Do you routinely keep your chain lubed and clean? Good chain care is very simple and will improve your riding experience. Our current wet and grimy trails can be very hard on the chain. Best practices is to lube the chain on a regularly basis. The key is to lube and not let the chain go dry. If you hear the chain chirping, you waited too long. Lubing the chain takes just a few moments and is a great habit. First, dab each link with lube. Second, backpedal for 5 to 10 seconds. Three, wipe off excess lube with a rag (this also helps clean the chain). Four, go ride!

The shop’s favorite is ProGold ProLink. Prolink is a great all around lube will work for a lot of riders.

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